The 2017-2022 Storm Water Management Program (SWMP) is part of the City of Cordele’s Phase II MS4 NPDES Permit No. GAG610000. It covers Minimum Control Measures (MCMs) required by the City of Cordele as part of its Stormwater Management Procedures. Minimum Control Measures detailed in the program include:

A. Public Education and Outreach

B. Public Involvement/Participation

C. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination

D. Construction Site Stormwater Runoff Control

E. Post-Construction Stormwater Management

F. Pollution Prevention / Good Housekeeping

ERP. Enforcement Response Plan

IWP. Impaired Waters Plan.

It includes a minimum of four Best Management Practices (BMPs) per Minimum Control Measure (MCM). For a copy of the complete SWMP, see the link below:

2017-2022 SWMP

SWMP Brochure